A buffet full of ideas

A colourful buffet full of ideas & inspiration- In this specific case SUSTAINABILITY & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Does this sound appealing to you? Than you should definitely read this blog post about campaigning ideas!

First, take a moment and answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. What does sustainability and customer experience mean to you?
  2. How do you become more sustainable with your organization?
  3. How do you improve the customer experience in your organization?
  4. How do you convey the topics of sustainability and customer experience to employees?

The idea campaign with our customer service department answers the questions asked. Sustainability and customer experience are the topics in our campaign. What we want to achieve with the campaign:


Contribute to a sustainable world. Whether in the direct working environment with colleagues, in your own department or together with customers and suppliers.


The behaviour of customers changes due to influences such as technologies, new products / services, … What excites me as a customer today has become a habit for me tomorrow and is boring the day after tomorrow. So what can we do to delight customers in the long term?

How do we get the employees to contribute new ideas on topics that in some cases have nothing to do with their operational work? How do we get employees to question existing processes and services and look at them from a new perspective? How do we encourage employees to break new ground and derive completely new ideas for their daily business?


We must inspire employees. How it works? With a buffet! Imagine getting up in the morning and a delicious, colourful buffet is waiting for you. From this buffet you take down those things that you love. Are you brave? Then this morning you try something completely unknown. With your full plate and a huge hunger in your stomach, you quickly go to a table, sit down and start your culinary fireworks! If you look directly at the buffet, you will notice, that the people who are now at the buffet, have completely different preferences. People take different drinks, breads, desserts … from the varied buffet.

Every single plate looks different!

What does this have to do with our ideas campaign? Our buffet consists of various inspirations on sustainability and customer experience. At our buffet there are short interviews with organizations and experts, infographics, examples from other industries, megatrends, a story about the development of sustainability (where does the term come from, how did sustainability develop globally, how did the 17 SDGs come about? ), Quotes, templates, workbooks, …

The employees come to our buffet and each person takes what they like most. The inspirations show people where and how they can start, what they can do, and get new tools to find solutions for their own problems. The perspective on daily business is broadened.

We all know situations where we just function. We do routine tasks like a machine. We ride our bikes, do the shopping,… As soon as we’re home, we think, how did I get home in the first place? I can’t even remember how I drove. Did I look at the traffic lights? Why is this happening? Because it’s routine for us. We don’t have to think in these “everyday” situations. We just work.

Now our inspiration floats in and shows you new ways for your daily business. Instead of always taking the same route to shop, our inspiration directs you down a completely new, unfamiliar road. Sure, now you’re really into it. You are aware of individual details. You are in the middle of the situation. This new experience will give you ideas on how to make existing processes more efficient, maybe you can completely redesign the processes, omit individual steps, the new perspective will lead you to ideas for completely new services and products!

What are your experiences with colourful buffets for inspiration? Write to us right now and tell us your experiences!

Georg Nistl

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