All new @ 15seconds!?

15seconds festival in Graz is over! How are my feelings afterwards and what I found most interesting.

When the 15seconds festival once started in Graz I was like ‚a marketing festival in Graz? how can that work?‘. Being a little arrogant because when I went to marketing festivals/congresses I flew to Berlin, London and sometimes NY and Houston. It was hard to believe that a tiny Graz can host an international relevant marketing event.

BUT 5 years later it is still here saying it’s ‚BUILT TO LAST‘. There is still a lot of marketing but the festival widened it’s range. Stying curious is made easy for visitors. With own areas for Science, Mobility, Technology and a Startups Land there is a lot to discover.

And we not only been there with our own Incubator but we also tried to discover a lot. Digitalisation, Substainability and Psychology where only a few things that me and my colleagues listened to.


Markus Tomaschitz, CEO of AVL talked about Digitalisation and why he thinks we don’t need to be afraid of it. Of course AVL has to have a very strong opinion towards Digitalisation 😉

‚We are moving and shifting towards a new area. It is not about humans OR machines. It is humans AND machines that we need to aim for‘.

Markus Tomaschitz, CEO AVL

1% for the planet

As a total contrast I’ve been listening to Kate Willimas talking about how small, collective acts spur global change. What is possible if each and every one of us does 1% more and uses 1% less.

It is a global and diverse network, proving that anyone can make a difference. From the individual members who give back by donating to and volunteering with local environmental nonprofits— everyone has a 1%. This network brings together ‚Dollars and Doers‘ to accelerat smart environmental giving.

Kate Williams, CEO 1% for the planet

‚Do it together! Every decision has real consequences- make them visible!‘

Kate Williams

This was very inspiring because 1% is something that everyone of us can achieve. No matter how much you are being paid, where you live and how old you are. I can totally relate to it and really aiming to achieve my personal 1%!

…and finally some important facts of a brain scientist…

‚Our brain is not able to multitask. Our brain has to get bored- at least half an hour per day- to make great ideas happen.‘

‚There is a big correlation between time spent on social media and the likelihood of depression‘.

Here is where I’d like to stop. You know- time spend on social media and so on… 😉

It was intense and I had an information overload. But after a couple of quiet days I feel that this festival has a real chance to stay. Being more diverse contentwise is a smart move and makes it more interesting for many targetgroups. So let’s see what happens next year!

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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