Crowdsourcing creates real value

Two minds always offer more than one. How about three, four or five? Especially if they have varied backgrounds and expertise? This is where you are starting to find the power of crowd-mind. We as Solved – The Cleantech Company were asked to help by the next-incubator to help with this process & we happy to do so!

With the project evaluations the Next Incubator was willing to submit their thinking to peer review. For this I have to commend them. This is both brave and smart. It gives you the power of crowd-mind and as they were able to use the mind of international experts a crowd-mind to the power of X.

At Solved, we are fortunate to have a network of 15 000+ sustainability experts to choose from. They are from 100 countries and work in such fields as construction, energy, mobility and communications. I could go on with the list as they work in all fields of sustainability and creating an impact.

With Next Incubator project evaluations the task was simple enough. Find varied experts that can evaluate, which of their projects would have the greatest impact in a quick and easy process. So it was about creating a process and the tools as well as picking out the experts. The first two are there for the experts to be able to concentrate on their task and for Next Incubator to be able to extract the information that is most helpful for them.

For the process we have the benefit of our own digital platform that was easy to adjust to match the needs of this process. The tool, though, was not the key to success. It just made reaching the aim easier. The key were the experts and also the bravery of Next Incubator to commence this process. A learning from the start was that for these kind of evaluations, you have to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve as well as the realisation that with a quick evaluation process you will not achieve everything. So the focus needs to also be in the beginning and setting the right KPI’s from the start.

In the end, for reasonable effort, we were able to bring new insights to Next Incubator and through that a big impact to a better world. If this kind of work progresses the solutions that mitigate climate change, improve quality of lives or support biodiversity, it sure is worth the effort from us at Solved and our experts.

Eetu Helminen

Chief Impact Builder (and an evaluator of the projects), SOLVED

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