Deep dive into the world of Plug and Play!

Getting the chance to not only visit the epicenter of innovation & investments but to go there for work and with a mission- insights of Dr. Gregor Taljan who had the chance to do this.

Heading into the city

Going west! In May we left towards San Francisco & Silicon Valley for a ‘Private Deal Flow’. This time, the ‘Grid’ division of the Energie-Steiermark was on the road looking for new innovations that are relevant for reliable grid operation and improvement of grid hosting capacity. There is an ongoing cooperation with Plug and Play but interesting for us are the tailormade ‘Private Deal Flows’. We define in advance what we are looking for and Plug and Play searches suitable Startups for our search fields. Basically, we are there to meet Startups that arealready prepared accoording to our needs and the chance to find a solution we really NEED & WANT is thus rather high!

Our ‘Private Deal Flow’ was held during the Spring Summer Summit and it’s Expo. This means there was a lot to see and explore. Many international Startups & Corporates from all over the world and from very different branches met at one place.

You theoretically know that there is a difference between a Startup and a Corporate- mindset, -speed and -flexibility. That’s just a few things that cross my mind when thinking of a distinction between them. You have this very dynamic Startup community with tons of new and innovative ideas and products. They are driven by innovation and ther conviction that they developed something groundbreaking is just amazing and very inspirational for me.

And you have HUGE, globally active corporates. Many of them have a turnover bigger than 30 Billion Dollars. They are there to find Startups that could have a future and to INVEST and support them! They are aware that they need to speed up and be on pulse of development if they want to stay successful. Technology changes and evolves so fast, that you can’t effort to shut your eyes. I met Corporates that have people permanently in Silicon Valley to make sure they don’t miss a thing.

Dr. Gregor Taljan

‚When Startup-world meets Corporate-world- the dynamic is different but not everything is oppositional. Both sides are often cliché-ridden. In the end we should work together to get the best out of it‘

For me personally it was very important to see how the Startup community really works and breaths. It is very different to how wefunction as a corporation. I have a better understanding of importance that you need to combine both worlds to be competitive in the modern business environment. You definitely need Startups to learn more about innovative technologies, especially because we have so many things to do in our daily business that often there is no time left for new things and new ideas. So I personally think we should look for Startups, work with them and get inspired by them Plug and Play is definitely one door opener for us to enter this world & it will really help us as Energie Steiermark to reach our long-term objectives.

Dr. Gregor Taljan

Nice wrap-up of last weeks Spring Summit at Plug and Play Tech Center. Thomas Wiedner & Gernot Schröck 👇#nextincubator #nextsteps #siliconvalley #plugandplay

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