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Los Angeles & California- shiny, glamourous, huge cars, traffic, crowded city! BUT also THE green state in the US. What we learned when we talked to Marcus Detry of EV Connect from LA.

We first met EV Connect as part of our collaboration with Plug and Play during the Spring Summer Summit in Silicon Valley. EV Connect offers a flexible, cloud-based EV charging station solution for commercial businesses and government facilities. Marcus Detry visited us recently to discuss the industry.

There is a lot of talking about climate change currently and we all know that mobility is a huge factor when it comes to CO2 pollution. It was fascinating to learn how California is dealing with it. There is no other state or country that puts so much effort in not only reducing emission but also in making alternatives possible.

When it comes to eMobility we all face the same situation- charging your car is not always done easily. There is no full coverage of charging possibilities and it can be really hard to reach the next loading station. And we are not even talking about the time that it takes to fully load your car. As Marcus Detra said, Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important but to make it successful the most important factor for the driver experience. And by experience we are talking about an environment where charging is no longer a destination, but ubiquitous.

In the future, customers have to be and will be able to load everywhere. Distances will no longer be a problem!’

Marcus Detry

Thinking of Europe or especially Austria, there is awareness that the availability of loading stations is not high enough and the expansion needs to speed up. BUT ‘People in California love their Tesla Model 3 and if you have an apartment to rent or sale OR if you are looking for new employees, you need to offer loading possibilities. Otherwise people simply don’t come’. What a perspective!

But it doesn’t stop with individuals. Many companies traded their conservative vehicle fleet to a 100% electrical vehicles. Of course this is only possible if the usability works for a company but if every party involved works towards this goal it can definitely happen.

Yes, it helps that California enacted a law that says that the state will change it’s electrical power supply from fossil fuel to renewable energy by 2045. And yes, it is always a question of supply and demand. But why not skipping the part where we still discuss the necessity of strengthen eMobility and learning from California straight away by simply doing it?

Thank you very much Marcus Detry for an inspiring meeting.

Gernot Schröck

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