Internship or maybe already a Startup?

Ever thought internships are boring? Just listen to Johanna & get inspired by her story!

Part 1 the Idea:

Hey guys! Are you one of those people who value on eating consciously, but don’t have the time to search for the right snack for mealtime?

However these times are over!

As an intern at the next Incubator I had the chance to work up a business Modell to avoid exactly these problems.

And the solution is …. Drum-roll…


It is like a normal vending machine but appearances are deceptive.
Instead of chocolate and chips, we are offering sandwiches, vegetable chips, small cakes, yogurts or casseroles, pasta and soup.

Our USP is not only an alternative snacks, moreover they are Michelin proofed. Which means that a good cook creates our recipes and helps us cooking.
Another reason what makes the Snackomat so special is the sustainability. Our products are seasonal, regional, organic and off course delicious.
But the most special thing is, that we completely avoid plastic. We only sell the snacks in small glass containers, which can be returned – we can wash it – and use it again.

The only thing you have to worry about is what kind of snack you choose to enjoy.

Part 2: How it came?

My name is Johanna and I am studying Innovation management at the Campus 02. For my practical exercise I started an internship at the next-incubator.

My first mission was to find out the trends for 2020 and to present 3 possible ideas. One of my first idea was the Austrian bean. I thought about some alternative food out of beans. Well, it turned out, it wasn’t very innovative in the end…

However after days and days of thinking and making new ideas, I had the right one! The next step was to create a business model.

One week later I presented it to Matthias Schaffer, my supervisor. He gave me some tips how to make it better. Like the cost structure and the USP are important.

Part 3: Shark Tank

As I had the perfect business model, I presented it at ‚Shark tank‘, powered by next-incubator. Thomas Wiedner (General Manager & Head of Innovation), Mathias Schaffer (THE innovation Guru) and Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl (Marketing) were the sharks.

I swear to god I was so nervous. But at the presentation I tried to calm down and to talk relaxed, just like I am telling a story to a friend.

And believe it or not, they were thrilled! The sharks didn’t ate me for lunch, they ate my snacks and did that with a big smile.

Moreover I got two offers!

One from Thomas: He told me I should present it again in front of the member of provincial government Barbara Eibinger-Miedl who is responsible for economy, tourism, Europe & R&D and the CFO of Energie-Steiermark Martin Graf. I mean what a chance!!!!!!

The second offer came from Christa: to make 150 Snacks for their ‚1st E-Innovationday featuring Plug and Play‘ in April.
The idea behind it is, to see if people really like the snacks and if there is a demand. But also to tell the story of how it happened.

I think these are both great possibilities. I can learn a lot and I am so grateful to get such opportunities during my internship. I was & am just overwhelmed.

Part 4: The big fish:

Today was the presentation with Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Martin Graf and Thomas. It was my chance to show what a great idea I had and these are the people who can really make it happen!
To calm down, I told myself that I know my text, I did it really great before, it is only 3 minutes, I can make it and convince them! I know my snacks, because I made them! Of course they are delicious.

After Thomas gave me the sign to come, it felt like everything happened in one second. I stepped in & made my presentation with great confidence. I went out with a great feeling, knowing that I made it and convinced them. It was just awesome. I think the regional minister was enthusiastic about my idea and offered me contacts.
I mean like whaaaat! This was just really awesome. I am still speechless.

I can’t wait to present again at the ‚1st E-Innovationday‘! But I think that will be much bigger than I can dream of. There will be more than sixty people, which means 150 Snacks to cook. A lot of work but a lot of work I love to do!

Thanks to all who enabled this great chance!

At the end I learned a lot in the last 3 Weeks and I would like to give you some possible advices, which might help you.

  • Calm down, you just talk to people, imagine you tell a story to a friend.
  • Get to the point, don’t talk too long about your story
  • Know what you are talking about
  • Be prepared, they can ask you everything
  • Have your own opinion
  • Be aware of your goals

Johanna Gangl

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