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We started a series of talking about recent challenges for us and for people from our network some time ago. COVID19 did change our live but the changes and also chances are of course individually. Here a statement of Mathias Schaffer (so called Marcel Reich-Ranicky of innovation) 🙂

home office, day 18 – as if it had always been this way.

Everyone spoke about digitalization and now much of it is suddenly implemented and we can feel the difference – the innovation team in digital (over-efficiency) mode. Will it also be this easy to switch back to the regular office?  2 thoughts on this and relating topics:

  1. reStart of the economy
    what will life be like after COVID19? What will be the norm afterwards and which changes remain sustainable? I think the majority of people are trying to reestablish the growth-oriented system – and I therefore consider the probability of this norm to be very high in many areas. In some areas, however, this process of restarting will be a tough process (e.g. tourism) and thus offers the opportunity for sustainable change / innovation.
  • Climate change
    Protective masks when shopping do not protect against Corona or save the climate! Will we ,as a global society, still prioritize climate protection post-COVID19? If my hypothesis about “ramping up the economy” is correct, climate protection but also the adaptation to climate change is only postponed. I hope for a very radical approach to climate protection, sole efficiency is not enough.

I’m very pleased that we – the innovation-team – have chosen SUSTAINABILITY as our main focus in 2020. I’m looking forward to the many innovations and their impact.

But most importantly, I’m looking forward to the world after COVID19, the personal interaction with people, the laughter and inspiration in the team and in my community, discovering new places and opportunities…


Mathias Schaffer

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