Plug and Play- Travelling Diary Part 2

…oh boy… what a day! It started as just another great day at Fall Summit of Plug and Play but the way it ended was not at all expected…

There was another busy day ahead of us. The Annual Expo with all verticals is always exciting. Having so many companies & Startups from all over the world in one place makes you realize how big the network of Plug and Play really is. And it is awesome seeing pitches of Startups of other verticals as well.

Henrike Beyer, Alexander Krampl, Wolfgang Bach, Thomas Wiedner, Patrick Landerl

But first we started off by searching out logo on the partner wall- it’s nice being among global players such as EXXON, Siemens or Tokyo Gas. You realize that you are really not that big but still with a loud voice 🙂

We had a day full of pitches. It was both super interesting and inspiring. No Private Deal Flow yet but already many Startups we’d like to take home with us. Also from other verticals and we definitely have many ideas…

And when we thought the day was almost over…

…we’ve been rewarded with the CORPORATE INNOVATION AWARD 2019 for best corporate in the vertical energy!

Marit Lyngbaek (Plug and Play), Thomas Wiedner (Energie Steiermark/Next-Incubator), Wade Bitaraf (Plug and Play)

It totally took us by surprise! We didn’t see that coming at all. Such an honor to get that when you have all the big names in the room & it is probably how an actor feels at the Oscar’s.

We do have a lot of pilotprojects with Startups coming from Plug and Play and some of them led into long term cooperations. It is nice being rewarded for the hard work you put into something. But to tell you the truth- WE SIMPLY LOVE WHAT WE DO! So we sure keep going 🙂

ideas:it has to be done

And this just happend->>> we‘ve been awarded with the #corporateinnovationaward 2019 as best corporate in the verticle…

Gepostet von Next-Incubator am Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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