Plug and Play- Travelling Diary Part 1

& again we travelled to THE Silicon Valley to spend some time at our partner Plug and Play. It is the 4th time this year but it sure never fails to excite us.

This time we are taking 3 colleagues of the ‘Green Power GmbH’ with us which is the power producing arm of the Energie Steiermark. And of course we are looking for solutions that meet their needs.

But of course we got to see a little bit of San Francisco first.

‚The Golden Gate Bridge is a giant moving math problem‘

John van der Zee

The sight of this bridge is always overwhelming and this quote resembles a little bit why we are here. Being ahead of times and working on new solutions, business models, ideas, eg. can be as overwhelming as this building. In a very positive way!

There was also time to visit a Startup we met before & there was time to catch up. We meet so many Startups all the time but Spin is totally cliché in some ways.

Visiting the Startup SPIN
  • Their company IS IN A GARAGE. Isn’t it exactly how we think they work in Silicon Valley?
  • The founder is just totally passionate about his product. You should really hear him talk about it!
  • No fancy show-up presentation.

It is always worth listening to people that are so driven by their ideas & the impact to our mindset is big.

After that it was Board Meeting at Plug and Play and we got the chance to present us and our achievements of the past months. It is really very special & we feel much honored that we can talk to the Board that often. It shows us that how we’re doing it is an inspiration to others.

Part of the presentation was our collaboration with Noisless Acoustics. We met Noisless Acoustics via Plug and Play and less than 6 months later we implemented their product. It is awesome when something works out so fast.

Of course we didn’t only talk about the past but also about the present and the future. Working hard on an event we are hosting in April where we have Plug and Play coming over to Graz. Don’t want to talk about it too much though 😉

Now time to get a good rest because tomorrow we have the Expo of the Fall Summit & looking forward to meet more people and to get even more inspired.

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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