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& the meaning of this headline works in more than one way. We solve problems (& of course we usually call them challenges ;-)) by using the platform called SOLVED & and its multiple thousand registered experts worldwide. Pretty smart, right? That’s what we thought too and that’s why we keep collaborating with this finish Startup.

We first met them over a year ago when they applied for one of our calls. We meet many really cool Startups with awesome products and/or ideas but often it is too hard finding someone who actually wants to work with them long-term. Solved was a lot easier because it was US who wanted to use the platform. And this is how it all started.

Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO & Co-founder of Solved

The aim of the partnership is to further foster innovation through enhanced collaboration and co-creation among its network and using a multidisciplinary approach by engaging relevant experts from the Solved’s global pool on an on-demand basis. “Solved lets us be agile in how we work allowing us to build an optimal team for each challenge”, says Thomas Wiedner, Managing Director, Next Vertriebs- und Handels GmbH.

First challenges solved with NEXT-Incubator were related to IoT / Risk Management for Municipalities and digitalising operations for Renewable Energy Plants.

“Solved not only provide the access to its pool of 5000 experts, but also allows NEXT-Incubator to use its own white-label platform to better engage with its own experts and networks and com bine that with Solved expert network and thus optimally and faster create value its stakeholders”, says Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO & Co-founder of Solved.

In addition, “NEXT-incubators´ experts can be listed on Solved platform(s) and they have access to other project, collaboration and networking opportunities within the Solved marketplace ecosystem, which are publicly available on the Solved expert marketplace”, concludes Santtu Hulkkonen.

And we keep using it. Hopefully others within our corporate will follow 🙂

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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