What’s next?

Looking outside you see people are already changing into their pre-corona mode. Schools are opening, office workers are back, shops are more or less frequented! Are we about to instantly just go back when we get the chance to? Or are some things here to stay? Read some thoughts about home-office and a little wish list for the future!

I never liked roller-coasters so it is not a big surprise that I didn’t really like the past weeks full of up’s & down’s. I need a plan! Always!!! And I had many plans over the last weeks and they NEVER worked. It was a hard nut to crack for me. But once I got over the fact that I need to re-frame my current situation, I got many positive things out of it! Here is what I discovered and a little wish list for the future 🙂

1. Work-Life balance is not just a trend

I love my job and I never really counted the hours that I worked from home. No matter if it’s early morning or late at night. When something needs to be done- I do it. Never thought about it and never had the need to change anything. After already 8 weeks of home-office I realize how much I need my private space and how important it is to keep yourself and your family healthy. Emotionally and psychologically spoken! I set up the rule that there are no calls, video meetings or anything work-related before 8:00 in the morning and after 17:00 in the evening. Such a good decision because we need some time to change from work-mode to private-mode. I still have too many hours where my child gets looked after by our TV but at least we know when Disney & Co. are to leave our living room!

2. Efficiency- but do it right

It’s a lot about efficiency! There were way too many video meetings in the beginning. It felt like everybody needed to prove they’re working & video is without a doubt very helpful for this task 😉 Sometimes I felt like we’re just repeating our meetings to make sure we have one… But it changed and now I have video calls when I really need them but a lot of communication is back on mail or telephone. (That’s good because honestly, if the only people you see regularly are your colleagues makes it a little difficult. And of course video cannot be a replacement of real-life communication).

Video meetings are no prove you’re working!

3. Pick the cherry 🙂

Usually I can do 2-3 events or conferences a year because with a small kid you just can’t go away all the time. You need to really carefully choose where to go and sometimes you only manage to attend the second best. Now so many organizer moved there events online and that’s great. Of course, not everything works online and sometimes it would have been better to cancel. But in the end I was able to listen to so many awesome speakers, followed inspiring conversations, attended webinars & saw videos that otherwise would not have been produced. LaFutura hosts an event about Social Disruption with international speakers and attendees? Now I can do it and I have no travelling time and overnights. I was able to pick the cherry and I love it!

4. Good bye SPAM!

…yes, social media is around for what feels like forever but after this time I think I’m so much better in using it right! I got rid of all the junk that was spamming my various newsfeeds because now when I get on my social media accounts I do it on purpose and not because I have some spare. There is so much interesting and inspiring content out there and I did say good-bye to people, brands and groups that don’t add any value. Let’s see how that changes when I start comuting again 😉

I do know all the discussions about home-office and more flexibility and maybe a better compatibility of a career and a family. For me personally I would wish for more flexibility but also for more flexibility of home-office. It would be awesome having the opportunity of working remote 1-2 days a week. But only if I can decide from week to week. Of course this makes it more complex for the employer but complexity is not the same as impossibility and personally I think it would give many people the chance to perform even better!

Why can’t I have it all?

Office days for meetings, workshops, coordinating tasks and sometimes because I love being around my team mates. But also home-office days for everything that only needs me and major concentration? Sounds like the perfect solution for me J

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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