Plug and Play- Travelling Diary Part 3

All good things come to end and so we are preparing ourselfes to get back home after an outstanding week at the Fall Summit 2019 of Plug and Play.

Let’s just face it. We don’t get an award often so we’re probably going to repeat the fact that we got one again and again. AND it is an award we haven’t been expecting and it feels awesome.

The day ended in a very nice way by being invited to Saeed Amidi’s (CEO & Founder of Plug and Play) house for dinner. Together with chosen people of other companies from different verticals. Fancy 🙂

The next day started with our Private Deal Flow for the ‚Green Power GmbH‘ which is the energy producing arm of our mother corporate Energie Steiermark.

We’ve already chosen 6 Startups from a longlist that we would like to talk to a week before we left for the US. It is always us teaming with the people from the department that authorizes us & Plug and Play to search something for very specific challenges. And as someone can image, there are a lot of challenges in and around our power plants.

The good news are that presented solutions are very interesting and there will be more pilotprojects following this Private Deal Flow!

Alexander Krampl, Henrike Beyer, Wolfgang Bach
Pitches & our Private Deal Flow

In the afternoon that day we also visited the Expo for the vertical Sustainability. This is of great interest for us because one of our core values is Sustanability. We heard a lot about how to reduce plastic waste which truly is a huge challenge but we also feel that there is so much more that needs to be done.

What else is there to say? There are some sidevisits still but we like to leave it here. Not only thinking of our future but most important acting is why we are here, partnering with Plug and Play who offers us a huge network of Startups that we can work with. Some of them simply make life a lot easier for us but others challenge us to broaden our mindset.

…and the end is also always a beginning

Patrick Landerl, Marit Lyngbaek, Wade Bitaraf, Thomas Wiedner

And we are already working & planning our activities for 2020. There will be more Private Deal Flows and an exclusive Event with Plug and Play in Graz.

Because again: ideas:it has to be done

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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